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Wedding Details


August 24, 2024


Bride's First Name:


Phone Number:


Wedding Date:

August 24, 2024

Bride's Last Name:



Bride's Married Name:


Additional Contact:

Aileen Dalton 585-344-8032

Wedding Start Time:


Photo Start Time:

1:00 PM (for first look)- not final time still figuring out with venue but I think it should remain 1 pm

Do they prefer a trial?


If yes, what dates work for them.

Hair and Makeup trial for Anna and mom on May 15th. @ 11:00 AM.

Wedding Location

5606 Kester Rd, Memphis, NY 13112, USA

Getting Ready Location:

5606 Kester Rd, Memphis, NY 13112, USA


Renee ( Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist)


Haley (Makeup Artist) and Becky (Hair Stylist)

Bride Services (Hair, Makeup or Both):


Additional Hair Services (NOT Including Bride):


Additional Makeup Services (NOT Including Bride):


Service Start Time:

7:00 AM

Service Completion Time

1:00 PM (for first look)

Photographer's Name & Contact:

Permission to Use Photos?

I will ask my bridesmaids!

Coordinator's Name & Contact:

Anna Doerr (me) 585-831-2369

Bride Style Information

Wedding Style

effortless, romantic, relaxed!

Personal Style

natural! relaxed, comfy!

Hair Ideas

effortless curls, maybe half up half down, simple and relaxed!

Hair Concerns

hair doesn't hold curls well so the main goal would be to get them to last as long as possible throughout the day

Will you be wearing hair extensions?


Hair Inspiration
Makeup Ideas

natural, subtle, a little color around the eyes, a bit of shimmer, dewy look!
freckles and "beauty mark" I don't want to lose in the face makeup

Makeup Concerns

Excited to figure out what I want and work with a makeup artist!

I am hesitant on airbrush because of many people who had bad experiences with it but open to understanding more about it and what it truly looks and feels like when done correctly!

Will you be wanting to wear false lashes?

I may get lashes done prior to wedding but if I decide not to, then I would maybe do false lashes!

Makeup Inspiration
Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

simple, up or down, nothing too formal or fancy. will let them choose between a few ideas? It was not allowing me to upload any photos to this form without citing "error" when I went to submit. I can send via email inspo photos if that helps! I have bridal hair, makeup, bridesmaid photo ideas

Bridesmaid Hair Inspiration
Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

Similar to mine! natural but elegant, not too heavy or dark!

Bridesmaid Makeup Inspiration