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Wedding Details


October 21, 2023


Renee Dugan


Haley Dugan


Bride's First Name:


Wedding Date:

October 21, 2023

Service Start Time:

8:30 AM

Bride's Last Name:


Bride's Married Name:

Abigail Walsh

Wedding Start Time:


Photo Start Time:

1 or 2pm

Service Completion Time

Approx. 1 pm

Getting Ready Location:

2 Fetters Mill Dr, Malvern, PA 19355, USA

Bride Services (Hair, Makeup or Both):


Additional Hair Services (NOT Including Bride):


Additional Makeup Services (NOT Including Bride):


Bride Style Information

Wedding Style

Simple but elegant. Fall themed colors (Burgundy, rust orange, and greenery).

Personal Style

Very minimalist. Hair either in claw clip or worn down naturally (naturally pin straight). Makeup is usually just concealer when needed, cheek tint, eyebrow pencil, and mascara.

Hair Ideas

I would like to do waves or loose curls. I like the idea of half up/half down or in a low bun.

Hair Concerns

I have very fine hair.

Will you be wearing hair extensions?


Hair Inspiration
Makeup Ideas

I am thinking something very simple and neutral. I would like to stay looking close to my natural self so light eyeshadow, neutral lip and blush. I am thinking of perhaps doing a slightly darker lip color since to compliment the Fall themed colors.

Makeup Concerns

I really dislike the feeling of full coverage/layered makeup and want to stay close to my natural appearance.

Will you be wanting to wear false lashes?

Maybe, have never used them before so unsure.

Makeup Inspiration
Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Bridesmaids can go for whatever look makes them feel their best!

Bridesmaid Hair Inspiration