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Wedding Details


September 1, 2023


Renee Dugan


Becca Smith


Bride's First Name:


Wedding Date:

September 1, 2023

Service Start Time:

10:30 AM

Bride's Last Name:


Bride's Married Name:

Wedding Start Time:

4-4:30 PM

Photo Start Time:

Service Completion Time

2:30 PM

Getting Ready Location:

484 Dog Kennel Rd, Burlington Flats, NY 13315, USA

Bride Services (Hair, Makeup or Both):


Additional Hair Services (NOT Including Bride):

5 bridesmaids and 1 mom

Additional Makeup Services (NOT Including Bride):

Bride Style Information

Wedding Style

Romantic - kind of a enchanted garden-party

Personal Style

Natural/minimalist - day-to-day my hair is usually up in a bun or down with little-to-no product. I wear no makeup or only eyeliner and/or mascara on a daily basis.

Hair Ideas

Low, wavy updo. Soft and relaxed. I am not doing a veil so I would love to have some flowers pinned in.

Hair Concerns

My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and very fine and silky. It doesn't like to hold a style well.

Will you be wearing hair extensions?

Hair Inspiration
Makeup Ideas

I think something romantic and not too dramatic. I prefer emphasis on the eyes and a natural lip.

Makeup Concerns

Will you be wanting to wear false lashes?

I think so?

Makeup Inspiration
Bridesmaid Hair Ideas

Each gets to pick her own style.

Bridesmaid Hair Inspiration
Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas

Bridesmaid Makeup Inspiration